Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massage Roller


Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massage Roller

Whether you’re a gym-freak who needs help with post-gym muscle stiffness, a sportsman dealing with a blow to your thigh, an office-goer working a tiring desk job, or anyone who loves to calm their nerves down – we have the perfect tool designed just for YOU!

Spending lavishly on a spa treatment can break your bank; why not make use of this highly ergonomic massage roller that’s re-engineered with dozens of nubs to provide a trigger points deep tissue massage and costs just a few bucks?

Gentle rolling on your arms, calves, thighs, cervical and back region can help loosen up the tightest muscles and promote blood circulation, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your body. The rollers mimic hands of a real masseur while the holding comfort is one-of-a-kind. No more begging your partner for a quick massage every evening – take things into your own hands and fix yourself up in a flash!


  • Made up of EVA + PP material with added durability
  • Free from the safety woes of electronic massagers
  • Restores strength, helps release tension, stress & anxiety
  • Reduces inflammation and restores mobility
  • Can effectively clear up knots from all muscle groups
  • Four rollers are strategically placed for best results
  • Compact, lightweight and space-saving design
  • Colors:Black/Blue/Pink



The Trigger Point Massage Roller can release tension and help increase joint flexibility, reduce cramps, improve blood circulation, relieve shoulder tension and enhance the elasticity of leg muscles.



The Trigger Point Massage Roller is compact, lightweight and easy to operate, providing excellent comfort and effectiveness. For physiotherapy equipment, it is the ideal accessory for you.



Reduce the accumulation of hand fat, reduce rectus muscles, and reduce sedentary neck pain.



Beautify the leg lines and say goodbye to muscle soreness. Surround the massage to prevent the legs from getting thicker after exercise.



360 ° wrapped massage, fits the skin and can massage multiple parts, Smooth drop-shaped floating-point, soft and not stinging Elastic bracket, adjustable width, suitable for various body types

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