Therapeutic Eye Massager

Therapeutic Eye Massager

Bring your eye care to the next-gen

Therapeutic Eye Massager is a 6in1 eye care massager and the only product you need to get a good night’s sleep and relieve your eye muscles of all the built-up tension!

Therapeutic Eye Massager massage by kneading, trigger point therapy, heat massage with 100.4°F-104°F can stimulate massage points more deeply and promote blood circulation to relieve eye muscle stiffness, Relieve eye fatigue, improve eye bags, dark circles, eye puffiness, etc.

Therapeutic Eye Massager is good because it touches upon right ocular acupoints that can reduce stress and improve blood circulation. 

Through hot compresses and high-frequency soundwaves, Therapeutic Eye Massagereliminates fatigue and provides a pleasurable warm feeling on the eyes that can put anyone asleep.

Utilizing every function through your phone, you can bring back your eye’s vitality and enjoy a soothing massage whenever you want to unwind or fall asleep at a moment’s notice.

Why Therapeutic Eye Massageris for you?

Recharge your sight-Therapeutic Eye Massager restores your eye’s vitality through high-frequency soundwaves and eliminates all fatigue and tension around them.

Fast asleep forever- Therapeutic Eye Massagerlets loose your eye muscles through its compressing power to put you in deep sleep at a moment’s notice.

Virtual heaven awaits- The soothing massage on your eyes puts a completely new meaning to relaxation. The future’s pleasures are at your disposal!

Therapeutic Eye Massager is the ultimate choice- You have everything you need to keep your eyes healthy, well-rested and best of all always ready for a soothing nap!

These heated massaging goggles have great features that really make this portable, powerful and useful.  This is not your average massage technology, it's a step into the future.

On/Off Heat Mode

On the mask, you'll find a button that activates the heat mode which will get up to 42°C.  It leaves an amazing heated and soothing feeling against your eyes and really gives you that cozy sleep feeling.

Multi-Frequency Vibration

The vibration in this mask is not your average massage vibration.  It has an adjustable multi-frequency vibration that is used in only the newest innovative massage technology. 

It's powerful enough for people who need a strong massage or can be adjusted to those who want a lighter massage.  The button on the front allows you to adjust it in real-time.

Bluetooth Music Compatibility

Play some soothing music while you rest up.  The Smart Eye Massager links to your favorite music device via bluetooth.  It will play your favorite tunes in a subtle and relaxing way.


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