High-Pressure Shower Head Spa Shower Head 3 Color LED

Shower Head

30% Water saving, Up to 200% increases water pressure!

Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature:


 [Strong Filtration]- High pressure ionic filtration shower head. The negative ionic filter purifies water. Built-in mineral beads negative ion purification filtration, removes Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Bacteria, Flouride and Impurities, Improves your water quality. Fywonder - really CARES about your health!

[3- Color Change]- No battery and power supply, ionic shower head through the LED indicator, when you open the shower head, the water pressure will activate the LED. This is not only a shower head, but also a happy! Your kids will love showering!

[Saving Water Resources]- Dense small holes designed makes water coming out strongly, softly and delicately. Enable steady water flow, 30% water saved and pressure increased. Easily wash away the foam. Make a small contribution to saving water in the world.

[Sturdy and Durable]- Made of environmental protection PC carbon and thickened ABS materials, not easy to break. working temperature up to 200 ℃, to ensure that you use safety. A shower head filter designed by ergonomic handles!

[Simple Installation]- Very easy to install on your current hose, simply unscrew the old shower head and screw this ionic shower head back in its place. Free to remove, easy to clean.


This shower head is installed in a few minutes and adjusts the home standard hose without any problems.
Built-in mineral beads negative ion purification filter, remove heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria and impurities,
improve your water quality, give you a comfortable spa bath.
Very practical and stylish LED shower head for your bathroom. Offering you a delightful bath and wonderful colors.

- Water saving up to 30%.
- High-Pressure.
- Hydroelectric power, no battery or wiring.
- 3 The LED color automatically changes to seven bright colors.
- Double filter can effectively remove harmful substances in water.
- Fywonder advanced environmental materials! ABS chrome-plated material, excellent corrosion resistance, durable.
- Enjoy anionic shower with natural health SPA shower with wonderful colors!


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